Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Welcome to Mango Heaven_Hui Lau Shan @ Berjaya Times Square_2nd floor

This is a famous dessert- chain in Hong Kong which seems to be recomended by many. 许留山pronounced Xu Liu Shan - named after the creator, also known as Hui Lau Shan. Hui Lau Shan are carries the concept of serving healthy desserts to everyone. They are famous for their mango delights and also fresh fruit desserts. With 50 years history, this shop started as a herbal tea shop specializing in herbal jellies and evolved to a popular chain today with many mango specialty desserts. You will be surprised that there is even one shop locate in San Francisco, California. If this is a true (not some imitation shop) sprout from Hong Kong's Hui Lau Shan and if it is still operating for business, it is known by another name - Creations Dessert, in the United States. Since the 1990s. the chain has expanded tremendously with outlets in mainland China, Malaysia, and the United States. There are already have five outlet in Kuala Lumpur. The five outlet in Kuala Lumpur are Pavilion, Berjaya Times Square, Leisure Mall Cheras, The Mines and One Utama. And the Sunway Pyramid are opening soon. In addtion, their latest outlet now is in Gurney Plaza in Penang.

 Fresh Mango Mochi ( 芒果糯米兹 )

Fresh Mango Mochi is one of my favorite food in this shop.This mochi taste is just nice, not too sweet. I can feel the mango freshness and the taste of the mango is very original too. Mango lovers will be definite to fall in love with it. The Mango Mochi is not sticky to my teeth but it also had a little jewel in the mochi itself. The shredded coconut cover to the mango had made the overall delights even more tempting. The whole mochi brings me to the delicious creamy mango taste. For 3 pieces mango mochi just costs RM 4.90.

One bite I can taste the natural sweetness from the real mango chunk inside. The outer coconut shave is a nice addition to reduce the gumminess of the skin.

Double Mango Punch-Mango cube and Mango juice series ( 粒粒芒A系列

Double Mango Punch are very delicious. Its mix with mango cube and mango juice. Besides that, its is not too watery. 
It's costs RM 7.90 (Regular) and RM 8.90 (Large).

Golden Pinky Crystal Jelly (金粉水晶晶)

Golden Pinky Crystal Jelly is a very awesome dessert. I felt that it's the most perfect combination. Sweet and sour combination from the strawberry and mango with the chewy texture from the crystal jelly blend well together to give a unique and refreshing taste. This awesome dessert just costs RM 6.90 (Regular) and RM 7.90 ( Large). 

Mango Icy Sweetie Ball (多芒小丸子)

Mango Icy Sweetie Ball is the brilliant combination of diffferent mango tecture such as mango puree, mango flesh and mango ice-cream served with glutinous rice balls. The mango ice-cream was in-house made and it is make every day to preserve its freshness. I like the soft and chewy glutinous ball very much. It's costs is RM 11.90.

ADDRESS : K-02-01&K-02-03A BTS Shopping Centre
                    1 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By : Syuen Ping

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